This is the first review I’ve ever written…and I’m happy that I’m doing it for Blue Sky and her crew! We were referred by a friend who had fished her once before so our expectations were high but the reviews seemed almost to good to be true. WELL- i PROMISE they are all true. this owner cares- and has the best crew in Cabo. We saw at least 50 whales, caught a 100″ marlin, a 102″ sailfish, and and and… GREAT TRIP. thanks guys. BTW- had so much fun we chartered Blue Sky a second time the same week!

“Striped marlin madness”
The Charter was above and beyond everyone’s expectations. I fish all over the world and that experience ranks up there with some of the best of them The Crew was a blast and fishing was out of the world. Bachelor was super happy and got his first Marlin. I believe everyone got there first marlin and that was my first striped marlin. Just one more Billfish to go for and I have caught them all. I’m glad you guys helped me do that. Was a fun capt and crew to say the least. Thank you so much.

“Blue Sky Cabo Fishing Is an experience of a lifetime!”
I feel I would be doing a disservice to anyone looking to book a fishing trip in Cabo by not writing this review! I had extremely high expectations going into this trip as I have been following them for a while on Facebook. Our experience was deemed outstanding by everyone on board. The entire crew is genuinely interested in ensuring we had an unforgettable trip. They are truly fantastic hosts. We quickly caught some monsters and the crew prepared some delicious sashimi with our fresh catch. The whales were very active that day so they took us for a close up view. It was spectacular! We also saw lots of porpoises and were treated by a visit from the famous Pancho the Sea Lion who boarded the boat at the end for some fresh fish. Not only did we enjoy the hospitality and experience while on the beautiful well equipped boat, they took professional photographs for us to re-live the great memories for years to come! Book in advance to ensure availability for the best charter in Cabo!

Went fishing with my two teenage daughters. We are novices and the captain and crew took great care in helping us get situated and are absolute fishing pros. We had a great time and my youngest caught an absolute monster (at least 200 lbs) stripped marlin, which the crew carefully released after the pictures. Finished the day with some snorkeling near land’s end. Great day – can’t recommend this boat and crew enough.

“200 Pound Striped Marlin!! Fantastic boat and crew!”
This trip was first class all the way from the crew to the fishing- the morning started with coffee and fresh fruit prepared and served by the crew. Great music equipment, ice cold beverages and lunch was provided! Fishing was great !! The captain was amazing! Once in a lifetime experience and yes we caught a trophy fish!

To say that my experience on Blue Sky was a mindblower would be an understatement! I have Big Game fished in many parts of the world and this was by far the best experience. I spent three days on the boat with Captain Juan, and mates Julio and Mario. I believe that many of the fishing charter companies treat charters with a little disinterest, NOT THESE GUYS! These guys love what they do and it shows. I have never been with a crew, that when the number of strikes started to taper off on our second day they completely changed their method. Captain Juan is not happy with a mediocre experience, this guy is more of a Hunter than a fisherman. He aggressively changed tactics depending on what was going on around us and we were successful every time. Our catch included Striped Marlins, Dorado, Tuna and the ever elusive Barracuda. I landed my first Marlin on a fly rod!!! You haven’t caught a Big Game fish until it’s on a fly rod. The photography by the crew is also top drawer. The pictures they provided were unreal, I wish I could post them all here to share. They also shot numerous underwater shots with a GoPro. The hospitality shown by the whole crew was very much appreciated. I shared fishing stories and pictures from our exploits in Canada. There was lots of cold beverages and great lunches each day. The boat was very clean and pride of the crew in their “office” is very apparent. I am already making plans to get back there in the next couple of months. I highly recommend this experience to my fellow fisherman. As an aside, I was invited by the crew to take part of a sunset pleasure cruise that they run on Thursday evenings (if memory serves me right). I think Blue Sky does this at no charge to promote their boat. Sadly my week had come to an end and I left that afternoon. If you’re in Cabo check it out, be a good opportunity to see the boat and meet the crew.

“Best of The Best!!”
My wife and I went to Cabo for our 15 year anniversary in August of this year and decided to take a fishing trip but also just wanted to cruise and hang out. Stumbled upon Blue Sky on TA and it looked like a perfect fit for what we wanted to do, fish, snorkel etc. Boy did we hit the jackpot! Ended up booking the trip with the owner of the boat directly (Jim), this was nice compared to many other trips fishing in Cabo when I never knew who I was dealing with. The boat is beautiful and Captain Juan and the boys were top notch, no attitudes, no cold shoulder, just there to make sure you have a good time and have everything you need. They actually were a blast and made our day even though the weather was bad and we had to come in early. To top off the day we caught a nice Marlin and several Dorado. We go to Cabo every year or so and as long as these guys are around I will never set foot on another boat. Read the reviews, they really are that good.

“Fishing in Cabo”
Our fishing trips on Blue Sky and Blue Star Cabo were absolutely amazing. Captains and crew did a first rate job with everything from seamanship to fishing knowledge to a high level of customer service. We caught 5 Marlin and 1 tuna on our first trip and 6 Dorado, 1 Marlin and 1 Tuna on our second trip. We also had an incredible whale watching experience on the second trip and got amazing pictures. Jim K. Runs a first class operation which is very clearly the best in the Cabo marina. Thanks again to the entire Blue Sky team for 2 great days on the water.

“First class experience”
My family and I spent five days over Christmas with Jim and his crew. It was our first time to Cabo and thanks to Blue Sky it won’t be the last! From the very first call I received from Jim about his charter and services it was nothing but smooth sailing. He knew so many things about Cabo and its restaurants, golf options, fishing, and many other helpful ideas to make the trip a memorable one. Thank you Jim, Julio, and El Capitan. It was a great time that we look forward to repeating soon. Tim W.

“Best service ever !”
My wife and I Angela and Patrick Ferris were in Cabo for our wedding the week of October 18 – 25 2014. We had a large party of 17 and Sky Blue not only accommodated my party but did so with style! We spent the day on a beautiful well maintained and comfortable 43′ fishing yacht. I have fished off shore tournaments for years and this is by far on of the finest experiences I have ever had. Throughout the day we were constantly treated with refreshments and snacks like fruit, breakfast tacos and burritos to fresh made sandwiches and chips and dips. Hand delivered to the upper deck or readily available in the galley. Just fantastic! On all levels. We caught a nice blue marlin, hammerhead shark and dorado. Jim and captain Juan were so nice to invite us back for the next day to fish with his dad and uncle who came in to visit from Canada. Good friends made for life. My buddy Robert and I were invited to tag along with Jim and his family to a fishing trip in Alaska that we cannot wait to get here. If you are in Cabo and want an “all-inclusive fishing adventure or sunset or snorkel cruise, look no further than Sky Blue Cabo! I wear my Sky Blue long sleeve crew shirt all the time. I cannot wait to get back to see my friends!

“Best Striped Marlin Fishing on the Planet”
We fished 5 days on Blue Sky Cabo, Jim and the crew took care of everything. Capt Juan and First mate Julio have years of detailed Cabo fishing and knew exactly where to take us to get the fish. The boat is spacious and comfortable, you can relax in air conditioned comfort while you wait for the hook up! I’ve fished with them twice and I’m going back in August.

“BLUE SKY epic Marlin fishing and party”
Caught a gigantic Marlin….what a thrill and they had underwater cameras to catch her coming in on the fight. What a blast! Then we came in and the owners organized a DJ for an afternoon party trip. The pics are amazing….can’t wait for another trip soon on Blue Sky

“Best time ever”
Omg!!!! If you wanna have the most beautiful view of the sunset in Los Cabos with family and friends on a beautiful boat, and with amazing people who are welcoming and make you feel like your family, I highly recommend Blue Sky Cabo. We had 6 children on board and felt comfortable knowing the experienced captain and crew were there to keep us all safe and entertained. Great memories!! Thank you so much for the great time. Highly suggest anyone and everyone take the sunset tour.

“Fish like a rock star!”
OMG! If you want to go fishing in Cabo, this is it! From the first communication I had with the OWNER of the boat Jim. (yes the owner, not some middle man, not some sales guy) I knew it was going to be good. Jim gave me incredible advice, at no point pressured me, and was accommodating to all my request. The best part… The boat captain and crew are incredible. We caught 2 Marlins and 1 Mako shark! We did catch and release for all three. The boat is amazing Its clean, its beautiful, it elegant and its HUGE! Don’t even consider using anyone else!

“Top Notch in Cabo”
There is only one experience that is worth getting six 20+ year olds up at the crack of dawn and that is a day of fishing on the Blue Sky. My husband and I, along with our sons and their friends, had a great day. The crew could not have been more accommodating. Not only did we catch Dorado (as other boats came up empty because of post hurricane conditions), but the crew made sure that, along the way, they gave us the thrill of seeing whales, dolphins and flying rays. Jim, the owner, joined us for the day. Jim made sure that everyone had whatever they needed which is not difficult on such a boat. For we girls who wanted a break from fishing for a while, blankets and pillows appeared. The crew cleaned, cut and sent us home with our fish which we enjoyed for dinner that night. As if the experience itself were not enough, a few days later we received lots of great pictures for us to enjoy. We unanimously agreed that it was a great day and we will absolutely do it again when we return to Cabo.

“If you want to CATCH fish, go with Blue Sky Cabo!!!”
We’ve gone fishing with other companies in Cabo, and the experience wasn’t even close. Jim and his crew were top notch. We caught Dorado, and oahu. We also saw whales, and dolphins!! Jim, the captain, and the crew took care of everybody from beginning to end. If you want to head out on the water, have a couple beers, get some sun, and CATCH some fish, these are the guys you want to do it with!!

“Sunset Cruise with some bonus fishing!”
We went out for an evening cruise with my family and a few other people with Blue Sky. The captain and entire crew were amazing. We were hoping to have a nice peaceful sunset cruise, and we most certainly did. My two sons were given the title of “Captain” and jumped in the seat to drive the boat for a few minutes, making their day to say the least…. The crew threw some lines in the water while we toured the area and soon after we had a fish on!. Captain Juan told my boys to jump in the chair…..but they were apprehensive, so I jumped in and caught a Dorado. Nothing big, but an unexpected surprise. The crew cleaned it for me and we took it back that night to our villa and threw it on the grill. It was a very cool bonus to an already fantastic trip for the evening. I would look them up again my next time to plan a fishing trip without question. The crew was professional, and willing to do anything to make the experience memorable. Thanks Jim for the invitation, we are a happy family!

“My experience with the Blue Sky Cabo crew”
Awesome! The crew of Blue Sky do not fish in the traditional sense, they hunt fish! Several times while I was aboard we’d be trolling along when Captain Juan, Julio or Mario would spot a marlin’s dorsal fin in the distance. Captain Juan would then speed to the location while Julio and Mario would have rods and live bait at the ready. They’d then cast toward the fish’s last spotted whereabouts and four out of five times they’d get the marlin on the hook. VERY EXCITING!!! The best fishing adventure I’ve ever had! Everything you need for your day out is provided, EVERYTHING

This was my first fishing trip of this kind, after a very disappointing attempt at deep sea fishing in Rocky Point many years ago. I was incredibly impressed! The captain and crew (of 3) were terrific. The boat was big, beautiful and very clean. They were all very friendly, and made sure we had a great experience. We barely made it past the arches before the crew put out the lines, and let us reel in a giant striped marlin and a huge sailfish. We learned sailfish aren’t good to eat, so after some cool pics, we put him safely back in the water. The marlin, however, is amazing! The crew served us fresh sushi, and packaged the rest up for us to grill that night. Aside from that, they captured great pics of us and emailed them out. I can’t recommend Blue Sky highly enough!

“Great time on the water with family and friends!”
Great boat for our fishing trip where they helped us catch a 150 lb marlin, and the crew were very helpful and professional. We had a lot of kids with us too and so they made an effort to make sure each kid caught a few fish each. At the end of the trip we jumped off the boat and swam some near the arc…wonderful day overall.

“Amazing Time!! Finally caught 1st Marlin!”
Everything that you read here regarding the overall rating is 100% true. Captain Juan, Julio and Mario were top notch and professional. Jim is very hands on when you book with him and extremely helpful. Caught my 1st marlin and buddy and wife caught a beautiful sailfish and another marlin. Highly recommended!!

“Charter with Blue Sky in Cabo”
My cousin and I had a wonderful/magical experience with Blue Sky. Terrific boat (large enough to make a smooth journey 20 miles out)…great equipment…great captain and mate– very helpful. We caught over 30 tuna. Followed a trail of dolphins to the tuna. Caught some Whales on the return. A magical experience. Highly recommend that you use Blue Sky…here are some photos

“Great Day on the Water”
Nine of my worst friends and I descended on the Blue Sky for an early morning departure in search of fish. The boat was in great shape and the crew (Captain Juan, mates Julio, Mario and Quin, plus the chef) were very welcoming. Despite our groups’ ineptness at fishing, the crew were diligent in manning the lines and setting us up in the fight chair to battle the Marlin (which got away) and some tuna (which were delicious). Quin kept us entertained and happy. She was ready to help us get our beer (my friends are lazy) and spun plenty of good music throughout the trip. She knows plenty about fishing and could explain exactly what was going on (she’s a native English speaker). It was great to have her on board. We’d book Blue Sky for a fishing outing (or even for a cruise) again. The boat is great and the crew were helpful and professional.

“Another Simply Perfect Day With Blue Sky”
I am a local and use Blue Sky exclusively when venturing out with company and clients. Why? Cause these guys are simply THE class act when it comes to tour operators. I’ve been on trophy marlin excursions, whale watching expeditions, booze cruises up the Pacific and the East Cape and all have been perfect from departure to arrival. This outing was with a client and good friend and his two kids to introduce them to the area. After a swoop by Los Arcos for some pics, it was off to Santa Maria for some snorkeling/swimming. The crew was awesome – as always. Juan, Julio, Mario and the new addition to the team, Quinn, I personally guarantee they will take incredible care of you no matter what your vision of the day/evening is. Jim is a fantastic operator and is always on top of making sure your outing is spectacular. Great boat, incredible crew and always awesome times. Thx Jim and Crew!

“First Class Fishing Charter -”
My family had an exceptional time on the Blue Sky for a full day fishing Charter. Jim, the owner, was excellent at follow-up and checking in before, during and after the charter. And making sure everything went well. The crew was top notch. Juan, the captain, has decades of experience and worked relentlessly to find fish and on the way back to the marina was a joy and showed the children how to pilot the boat and showed us the arch up close. Julio and Marion were great making sure we landed fish and catered to us from beginning to end. We landed three striped Marlin and two Mako sharks. ( plus 3 near catches) I can tell you that if we had not caught a fish it would have been an enjoyable experience because of the crew and the condition of the boat. One of us was a bit sea-sick and the crew went out of the way to make sure she was feeling better. The crew had a passion for pleasing their guests and were a joy to be around. They always kept us informed and took great pictures for us. We had such a great time we tried to book the Blue Sky again before we left but it was not available. My children 13, 14 & 15 cannot stop talking about the adventure. Jim, Juan, Julio and Mario: WELL DONE !!

“Best Fishing Trip ever!!!”
First time visiting Mexico and first time fishing Cabo. Made the trip with friends from work and after a beautiful morning sunrise, lines in the water and breakfast served in a beautiful galley, FISH on!!! Right at 9 ft long and 200 lbs and an hour fight, a beautiful stripped Marlin. Could not have been possible without the capt., and crew of the “Blue Sky” and the encouragement of great friends. The boat was incredible, extremely comfortable, and again, the Capt. and crew were fantastic and made the trip fun even if we did not catch a trophy fish! Will plan to go back and look forward to seeing the gang and “Pancho” the seal soon.

“Best Fishing & Cruising in Cabo!”
I have a boutique style vacation company in Cabo that caters to very high-end clientele, & recommend only the best service providers to my clients. My clients expect only the best Cabo has to offer, and I have no tolerance for providers who don’t deliver the best. That being said, Blue Sky is always my first recommendation for great fishing, or a party cruise. The crew is friendly and hard working, the boat is outfitted with the best fishing gear, their pricing is very competitive & they catch a lot of fish! The Blue Sky is my #1 choice for my clients, & my own fishing and boating trips!

“Fishing at it’s finest!”
Well, I know my sister-in-law already wrote a review but this was THAT good. The crew were very nice and helpful, and definitely know what they are doing. The yacht was very nice, clean, spacious, and has everything we needed. We brought sandwiches, but they had some breakfast food and beer and water. What else do you need?! Anyways, my brother caught a beautiful Marlin, I caught a shark, and our friend caught a snapper. The shirts were a nice touch to end the day as well. Definitely book Bluesky if you have a bigger group and want to catch some cool fish!

“Completely exceeded expectations!!!”
The crew worked so efficiently, got great photos and made sure we were in the right locations to catch some sea life! The t-shirt is an awesome souvenir. I would absolutely recommend Blue Sky to anyone and everyone! The photo is of my husband with the Marlin he reeled in! Thank you, Blue Sky Cabo!

“Outstanding Fishing Charter”
Captain Juan and 1st Mates Julio & Miguel were 1st class all the way and we had such a great outing! Oh and we caught a 200 lb Marlin! Love Blue Sky!

“Consistently EXCELLENT!”
The Blue Sky Guys have Cabo fishing (and partying) dialed across the board. The whole operation is 5 Star & the crew is the best (and most fun) in the biz. I live in Cabo year-round and have been out with just about every charter service in the marina. The Blue Sky is a beautiful boat, the gear is top of the line, the captain and crew take their fishing very seriously and more anything they know how to catch fish and have a good time. The Blue Sky is also your best bet for a sunset or booze cruise as well. My friends and I have been out just to party 3 times in the last 6 months, and we always leave with big smiles. And new stories.. Great job guys, I’ll see you soon!

“Sea lions, marlin, and pelicans–oh my!”
Blue Sky Cabo tours provided my sons and me a true “once in a lifetime” experience! Our excursion started with comfy transportation from our hotel to the marina. Our hosts, Jim and Paul, and the expert yacht crew were hospitable, friendly, and accommodating from the first minute. My 13 & 17 year old sons and I were incredibly excited not only to be on a private yacht, but to experience marlin fishing, Pancho the sea lion and pelicans (ON the yacht), and all the beauty that the Sea of Cortez has to offer. While the crew expertly and humanely caught (and released) the finned fighter, I enjoyed snacks, intriguing conversations, new friends, and great music. The whole expedition was exciting yet relaxing, professionally executed yet casual, and safe yet adventurous. This excursion is suitable for all ages, as the yacht and crew are well equipped for whatever occurs. The crew and host are experts. My son was thrilled to try his hand at driving the yacht for a while! Thanks, Capitan Juan for sharing your homemade burritos with us! Delicioso! Thanks to Jim, Paul, Capitan Juan, Ralph, Jose’, and everyone aboard. Of the 4 excursions we experienced during our recent trip to Cabo, this one makes the others pale in comparison!

“Perfect Day”
We just had the best experience with Captain Jim’s screw on the Blue Sky. We had an all day charter fishing for Marlin and just cruising around Cabo. We got off to a little later start (which Jim was happy to accommodate) and cruised by El Arco on the way out. Then we sent out in search of the Marlin. The crew was very experienced at “hunting” fish, as they like to call it. We’d always have some troll lines out, and they would use binoculars to search for fins in the water. I was at first somewhat skeptical of this method, but less than an hour on the boat and we pulled up right next to two marlin sunning in the water with their fins sticking out (the captain had spotted these from quite a distance away). It didn’t take long and we had one Marlin on the boat and another that got off the line. We saw several humpback whales while out which was another unexpected treat! After some time fishing we decided to cruise towards the shore and take a taxi in to the beach for some drinks and hanging out. When we got back on the Blue Sky, the crew had prepared the best fresh ceviche with our catch! The day was absolutely perfect. I strongly recommend getting the hostess on board. She made the trip much more enjoyable! Our entire group cannot wait to get back down to Cabo to make it out Captain Jim’s Blue Sky again!

“Perfect trip !!”
Unforgettable trip! The crew made us feel at home and put us on our first striped marlin!! the boat was excellent and views were even better ! our favorite part of the trip is when poncho the sea lion came on the boat everyday at the end of the day and we got to hand feed him. We couldn’t thank the crew enough for a great experience ! The crew shared great guidance on where to eat, see and stay at and took us on a beautiful se set cruise ! I would do this trip every year , truly a trip to never forget

“Booking my trip back there ASAP!”
Incredible experience. Incredible boat. The best crew you could ever want to share your adventure with! 8 perfect days of fishing with Blue Sky Cabo was the best fishing trip of my career. Thank you to all the lovely people involved– see you again soon!!

In a word, AWESOME! We have been to Cabo numerous times and our charter with Blue Sky Cabo was absolutely THE HIGHLIGHT of any of our visits. Jim and his team offer hands down the best on water experience in Cabo. We had one day fishing and had a blast….so much so we came back for a second day for snorkeling and swimming. The boat is first class: new, comfortable with a great interior salon. The best is on deck: great sitting area for 8 people next to the bridge and a beautiful, comfortable sunning cushioned area on the bow. Our snorkeling/swimming day included jumping off the upper deck and then all the toys: the floating island, aqua scooters, sea kayaks. You will not find a better boat, owner or crew anywhere in Cabo. I’m a stickler for the details and set a very high bar fo quality. Blue Sky Cabo exceeded all of my expectations….first class!

“Blue Sky Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is the Ultimate Best!!!!”
What can I say, let’s keep it simple. 1. Great Staff and Crew who greeted us with smiles and made us great blended margaritas while we were on board! 2. We saw whales swimming near us, it was just lovely and magical. 3. There was a sea lion that followed us and the staff opened the back door to let the sea lion jump in and join us. The sea lion was playful and we go to be playful back. 4. We get to plug in our iPhone and played music we love. I’m not sure what else to say, but lovely staff and it was really fun to board on Blue Sky Fishing boat. It’s the best in town and everyone must board this boat, it’s great for groups of friends.

“Great Fishing Trip in Cabo”
After checking the Internet and Trip Advisor we decided on Blue Sky. Our group of 8 was not disappointed. What a great boat and crew. We did a half day fishing trip and caught a good size Dorado that we took to restaurant in marina to eat which was fabulous. Jim the owner of boat was very informative and checked on us during our trip to make sure everything was good. Will definitely book with Blue Sky again next time in Cabo.

“Amazing Fishing Trip”
We were all stock with these guys awesome crew Captain Juan, Pablo, Junior these team made our trip worth it. We were out to fishing the first day with two other friends who joined us the trip and one of them was so lucky and had this big Tuna fish, we were lucky they shared with us. we had an amazing scenery of hundreds of dolphins and joined us in front of the boat and looked like they had a party going on. after this socking moment we were surprised by a huge whale that came out of the water as slow motion in just a few seconds. these guys are Excellent crew 100% recommended, they are the best crew you can ask If you would like to experience an unforgettable fishing day!

“Family Fishing”
I have to say fishing in the Pacific with Jim and the crew of Blue Sky, was the best fishing trip I have ever experienced. We went out early and spent the day in pursuit of big game and were not disappointed. Every member of our party (from the kids to the adults) caught a fish. We ended up with 9 Dorados / Mahi Mahi, and one Wahoo. There were some epic battles for superiority, but we came away victorious. The Captain and crew were extremely helpful, and courteous. Their knowledge of the area and waters was excellent. Thanks again Blue Sky. It was a great trip , and would definitely do it again.

“One of the best trips ever”
We chose to film our Tv show with the crew at Blue Sky Cabo fishing and they were top notch , not only did they accommodate our requests the met and exceeded our expectations. fishing and filming from the 43 foot yacht made it enjoyable for everyone if you are going to Cabo book with Blue sky!

“If you want to CATCH fish, go with Blue Sky Cabo!!!”
We’ve gone fishing with other companies in Cabo, and the experience wasn’t even close. Jim and his crew were top notch. We caught Dorado, and oahu. We also saw whales, and dolphins!! Jim, the captain, and the crew took care of everybody from beginning to end. If you want to head out on the water, have a couple beers, get some sun, and CATCH some fish, these are the guys you want to do it with!!

“Blue Sky Fishing Trip and Crew”
This was an absolutely incredible experience from start to finish. These guys are first class, and I will recommend them to anyone looking to spend some time on the water in Cabo. Great fishing, great boating, and even better hospitality. 100% will be going back to Cabo to fish with Jim and his excellent crew.

“This is the way to do fishing”
The Blue Sky yacht was an excellent way to go deep sea fishing. We chartered the yacht for our group of 7 friends. We were greeted with pastries and coffee before setting off into the deep sea. The yacht is modern and well kept. The ladies enjoyed laying out in the front on a nice large cushion while others enjoyed the views from up top. Captain Juan and his crew were attentive and friendly. After catching our first large fish they sliced it up, sashimi style. This was a real treat! I usually get sick on smaller fishing boats but was great on this larger sized vessel. There was plenty of beer, water, and wine too! Overall, would recommend this excursion when visiting Cabo!

“Great boat, knowledgeable crew!”
I had an excellent time on the Blue Sky recently in Cabo. I have fished on a few boats and with different companies in Cabo and I can tell you that it’s not always so easy to find a quality boat with a knowledgeable crew and good equipment at a very reasonable price. And no hassles or hidden charges. Captain Juan and his mates Julio and Pablo are top-notch and did everything to make the day memorable. Jim, the owner of the boat, is committed to making certain his customers are taken care of and will provide you with good advice and all the information you need prior to your trip. You cannot go wrong on the Blue Sky.

“Fishing on Blue Sky”
The only way fishing in Cabo San Lucas gets better is when you are aboard the Blue Sky. Affordable luxury makes it special. I recommend four anglers and four enjoying the trip, or more if you want. As soon as you step on you know this is going to be a great day. Fished last week and ready to back.

“Great fishing experience, very nice boat, fantastic crew”
If you want to have a great fishing trip Blue Sky is your boat. We had so much fun fishing, we had to go back again, with the same success and enjoyment. Crew will take you to catch fish and if you have kids, they will make it interesting for them as well. Good fishing gear, so you won’t be..

“Great Family Fishing Day”
Our multi generational family had a great 6 hours on the boat with the Captain and his mate. The boat is beautiful, immaculately maintained and a perfect vessel for cruising, whale watching and fishing. We did all of the activities listed and so enjoyed the thrill of catching a marlin and enjoying our time on the water. I cannot recommend Blue Sky enough and know that when we return to Los Cabos, we will book another trip on this boat again. Thank you for an amazing day!

“Best boat and crew we’ve ever had in Cabo – we’ll be back!”
We booked a full day fishing trip for our family through Cabo Magic on Blue Sky, and it was an absolutely perfect match for what we wanted – great fishing, great boat, and great crew! Simply put, it was an AWESOME day on the water. Blue Sky is an impeccably maintained 43′ Riviera. A total class act – the photos in the review section don’t do it justice. It has loads of space to spread out, which was important for all the first timers, who weren’t so sure about going out on the water for 8 hours. I’m happy to report that no one had any problems with sea sickness. One sister wanted to get out of the sun and enjoyed a nap in the air-conditioned salon – talk about being spoiled on a fishing trip. Lori Garcia (Cabo Magic) arranged for a massage therapist onboard to entice the wives to come along – totally brilliant! I can’t say enough good things about the crew. Captain Juan and his first mate Julio worked hard to find the fish (I know how easy it is to get skunked), and were lightning fast to react when we hooked up our first marlin. Then made a crazy dash to keep the second on the line when it hit soon afterwards. Juan’s grandson pitched in to help, too. On top of being great fishing guides, they were super personable, which is always a plus in my book. Those two marlin were the most expensive fish we’ve ever caught, but seriously worth every penny we spent. We had a total blast and would DEFINITELY recommend Blue Sky to anyone who wants an extra special day on the water.

“Incredible Two Days of Fishing!”
Our group of 6 booked Blue Sky for two days and was not disappointed. Captain Juan and First Mate Julio were awesome. The yacht was in beautiful condition with plenty of room to move around and relax – including a sun bed on the bow. Top notch fishing gear too. We landed 5 striped marlin!!!!! Very exciting. Can’t wait to go back. A big