Cabo Bachelor Parties

Cabo Bachelor Parties

Cabo San Lucas is a perfect spot for a bachelor party. Lots of sunshine, fishing, yachting, restaurants, tequila tastings/drinking, camel riding, ATV fun, zip lines and crazy wild bars! Just be careful with the crazy wild bars!

A well know/well-liked place for swimming and games is Medano Beach. Actually, this is the only really safe swimming beach in Cabo. The strong waves and undertow of this part of the Pacific Ocean create swimming anywhere besides Medano Beach extremely risky and there are noticeable signs posted that warn visitors to “Stay Out,” There’s more to do at Medano Beach that swim, though, and there are many swinging clubs and moderately priced cantinas containing tasty local specialties right on the beachfront or close by. The stunning views from Medano Beach are just part of the Cabo feel and bachelors can enjoy a wide range of sensibly priced missions, including ATV excursions, guided sightseeing tours of the city, shopping at the Luxury Avenue Mall at the marina and snorkeling. For true nautical-minded visitors, chartered cruises and sailing on the Sea of Cortez are also readily available. For example, Blue Sky Cabo specializes in hosting bachelor parties and several hours of “pole dancing” with beautiful dancers, booze, soft drinks and mixers; salsa, guacamole and chips; as well as your choice of cruise times daily, or anything else you might enjoy, talk to Jim. They also feature a “sunset cruise” which is really a special experience. For the more adventurous, Cabo Party Fun also offers camel rides, ATV rentals, bungee jumping, to get your engines running!

Now for more on “partying”, the nightlife in Cabo is all about booze and it flows freely all over the places you go, plus some! One of the most popular contributions of the well-known downtown area is Cabo crawl, defined by the company as “a pub crawl on steroids.” Also, Cabocrawl is a great place for fun, and they enjoy hosting bachelor parties and can provide you and your friends with a safe, guided, all-inclusive, all-you-can-drink (and still crawl!) experience in three of the best clubs and bars in the area that includes not 4 but 5 hours of open bar. Cabocrawl also has BIGWIG entrances and reserved tables with enthusiastic reviews from their returning customers.

Before you zip up that bag and head out the door make sure you have basic items, such as practical shoes, shorts and suitable swimwear, bachelors visiting Cabo should also pack ibuprofen, acetaminophen, electrolytes, and recovery formulas. Make sure you have your passport in a safe location to avoid super stress on the way home. Good to know since some of the bachelors have been known to forget or misplace such items.

Considering everyone’s preferences for a schedule will be different, a typical 3-day schedule for a bachelor party would include some of the following activities.

Day 1

Afternoon:  12:00 to 4:00, Get picked up at airport by hotel or take taxi to hotel, check-in, unpack and get ready to party! Note: my best advice is to take Brown’s Transportation to and from the airport! Trust me, you will need them.

Evening:  Let’s Get The Party Started! At 5:00 p.m., pick up everyone and head to the marina where you and your friends will board your 2-hour, all-you-can-eat and drink excursion around the marina and out into the open sea (tip. Go with Blue Sky, they got it going on). Around 7p.m., return to your villa to recuperate. At 10:00 p.m., transportation to downtown Cabo to experience the wild nightlife there. Be there or be square!

Day 2

Morning:  Sleep in but get up in time for a magnificent breakfast complete with Bloody Marys or Mimosas.

Afternoon:  You and your buddies can visit one of the great clubs in your hotel, a very self-indulgent swim-up bar or check out the contributions along the beach for some more action packed, alcohol fueled fun and do some memento shopping for your friends and family back home.

Evening:  Dinner at The Office at Medano Beach (be sure to try the local dishes/drinks/brews) followed by a pub-crawl by Cabocrawl. And if you can, crawl back to your private villa.

Day 3

Morning:  Could be you are getting a bit tired now, but don’t wig out!  Grab an energy drink and head straight for your chartered yacht with Blue Sky Cabo and go for a morning of deep-sea fishing. In addition to the all-inclusive fishing gear, and snorkeling gear, Blue Sky Cabo’s package includes an unlimited open bar (complete with mixers), choice of menu options and snacks. And if that isn’t enough, let them know what else you would prefer.

Get picked up at marina by hotel and return to private villa. Rest maybe needed!

Afternoon:  Take a 30-minute nap and you will be re-energized for some high power fun. Would a camel ride be fun if not, rent an ATV.  Bungee jumping will get you going!

Evening:  Finish the pub crawl challenge offered by Cabo Party Fun, followed by a personal pole and chair dance performance by this company’s experienced and talented hostesses and dancers. I know your thinking “No not again”!

Morning: WOW! What a GREAT TIME! Could I extend my stay? Of course you can! Luckily, what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo. (You don’ really believe that do you)?  Hopefully, you remembered to set up transfers to SJD airport with Brown’s Transportation. If not, well maybe next time.

Divertirse y estar a salvo!

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