Best Tacos in Los Cabos

Best Tacos in Los Cabos

The Best Tacos in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo

If you are looking for an argument in the city of Cabo San Lucas, then ask the locals for the best place to eat tacos.  In minutes or even seconds disagreements will erupt!!  Everyone seems to have their favorite establishment based on a list   of sources, which include price, location, tortilla ingredients and family secrets.

Around the Marina, Tacos Gardenias has been open for many years and is known for its fish tacos, which they can produce very fast. Great to pick up on the way out to sea.  They are known for their divine shrimp and fish tacos and if you’re lucky you might have the choice of the barbacoa tacos! If you are not familiar with this taco it is cooked in a pit covered with maguey leaves and is a mixture of beef and lamb! We are talking fantastic.  And if you are a pork rind lover, as my husband is, you have hit jackpot! Tacos Gardenias is between Acuario and Camino Viejo.

Another great choice is Los Michoacanos and its specialty is carnitas.  Carnitas is delicious braised pork! I can tell you for a fact, they are divine! Also, a great choice to take on your next adventure with a thermos of margaritas.  I would also advise picking up some Cervesa Pacifico or Victoria, iced down to bring the flavors out of the carnitas.

At the corner of Matamoros you will see El Gran Pastor. This establishment is a stand up taqueria. As crowds are leaving other nightspots, for instance Cabo Wabo El Gran Pastor is easy to access and quick with their service. After mid night they really get busy!  Their tacos al pastor is their signature dish.

Taco Guss, located on the corner of Melchor Ocampo is very convenient to the nightclubs like Mandala and El Squid Roe. I love this establishment too. They are known for the picnic bench style seating. It’s not the fanciest place in town, but their taco’s are wonderful! In Cabo San Lucas, this is my favorite. Taco Guss is open until very late, like dawn. As soon as you sit down, the waiter will bring out an array of all kinds of fresh vegetables with a yummy dip. It’s a great start to a wonderful dinner.


Located in Cabo San Lucas, Gardenias is also a favorite in the city. Known for their Mexican home-style food and tacos. Many different and delicious varieties of tacos: fish & shrimp (breaded or grilled), cochinita pibil, nopales, chicharron, barbacoa and chicken. They also have a special Shrimp Molcajete prepared with salsa, onion and cheese. Ceviche, Seafood soup, Tortilla soup, Fish salad, Shrimp cocktail and much more! Gardenias have been serving delicious tacos in Cabo San Lucas for over 30 years with great success. Gardenias is open for lunch and dinner as well.

Here is a great review recently posted to Trip Advisor

“Our group of 8 people walked in on a Saturday evening without a reservation. We were immediately seated and they made a large space for us. The service was prompt and attentive. Our server spoke limited English, but did very well and tried hard to satisfy our requests. The tacos were wonderful, flavorful and our group had most of the options on the menu. The octopus tacos were rated by our group as the best they’ve had. Although the mango margaritas were tasty, we recommend that four is too many for one of the women in our group, although they were very easy to drink. I noticed some of the negative reviews, but we had no difficulties in any way. We would come back here.”

One and Only Tacos

Located at Camino Viejo a San José s/n, El Mélano, 23479, this is another fantastic choice.

A few reviews I saw:

“Such a great little spot to eat. There’s only about 4 tables outside to sit, but everyone was really friendly. The fish taco and baja fish tacos were amazing. They take their time with the drinks and tacos to make sure it is just right. It was also really fair pricing. Will come back again.”

“Absolutely, the best fish tacos on the planet! A small establishment that’s just six years old yet they have conquered the best FISH taco. Exceptional service as well.”

“Best tacos in Cabo, run by the friendliest family you’ll ever meet. We ended up going four days in a row. It’s just awesome.”

If you are heading over to San Jose Del Cabo check out Asi y Asado. A great stop for lunch between Cabo and San Jose Del Cabo. This establishment has over two dozens types of tacos to choose from including octopus! Guy Fieri has stopped there for a taping of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Asi y Asado has choices of fresh juices to wash all those tacos down!  This is definitely a great stop in my book.

La Lupita Taco & Mezcal is my VERY favorite, also in San Jose Del Cabo.  La Lupita makes tacos with an artistic showmanship. They tend to be pricey, but I’m telling you their tacos are GREAT!  And well worth the cost.  I also recommend trying the tomato dip with guacamole, which features blue chips. Order a nice mescal for perfect pairing with lime and chile roasted grasshoppers!  Yes it is good!

My very favorite taco is the duck and lamb in mole sauce. Oh boy it’s incredible! La Lupita has great service and I would recommend reservations or sitting at the bar. It’s lively and usually at night they have a great band. (My husband’s very favorite restaurant in Mexico)

So you have lots of choices to make, you can take my advice, or don’t mind me and do your own taco research and find the taco establishment you might like the most, no doubt, here in Los Cabos, Mexico you will find it.

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