Marlin Fishing in Cabo

Marlin Fishing in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The name invokes images of jumping marlin, high-spirited Dorado, beautiful weather, gorgeous terrain, and incredible fishing! As well as long great days of fishing and celebrating with a cold Pacifico, and heading back to the resort for a margarita at the swim-up bar. I just cannot wait for my next trip! Hands down, Cabo is my favorite international destination.

On a recent vacation to Cabo San Lucas, I jumped out of bed early each morning and took a walk down to the marina. From the Paso de la Marina, I could see inland across a massive expansion of city lights and felt a sense of surprise, tempered by wistfulness.

A long time ago Cabo was a sleepy fishing town but now has passed into angling history, having transformed into a sprawling city with a population estimated at nearly 92,000. I wish I could have seen it back then!

My agenda during my morning walks was the Marina Cabo San Lucas. Among 380 slips, 24-hour security, a launch ramp, fuel docks, ships store, shore power and its own detoxification plant, Cabo San Lucas marina is state of the art. It is one of the largest marinas in Baja and matches any recreational port in the United States.

Catching Blue Marlin in Cabo San Lucas

There are variations of fish in the waters around Cabo San Lucas, but none puts up a hard fight like the blue marlin. This fish is known as a tremendously large fish, and the typical weight can range from 100 up to 500 pounds. These fish are an average of six to ten feet in length and are known for their grander strength, which can only be surpassed by the area’s giant Bluefin tuna. If you are lucky enough to reel this animal in, you will be in for a fight that you will never forget!!

Marlin Fishing Reports

Reports are that marlin fishing has been good!  The regions that are catching are on the Pacific side.  Recently, it was good in the areas of the 1150 and the 95, catching good numbers of fish on live bait and ballyhoo. The marlin seemed to have moved to the Pacific around Rancho Migrino area. Good news is that we have a short ride to run into wonderful fishing, because we are in Cabo!!

The blue marlin is normally easier to catch during good weather with clear water. It is not suggested to fish for this directly after a storm, as fishing is often reduced in cloudy water. These fish prefer tropical, warm water and temperatures, and they are typically found in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. 


The blue marlin will feed on a diversity of fish in the wild, all of which can serve as first-rate bait, which includes:

  • Bonito
  • Dolphin
  • Mullet
  • Cero
  • Squid
  • Skipjacks
  • Spanish mackerel

The blue marlin normally selects hooked bait over an artificial lure, most due to its keen sense of smell. In order to catch the blue marlin you first need to either catch the bait or go to a market to purchase.


“Great Trip

We met a great couple at the resort we were staying at in Cabo. They allowed us to join them for a sunrise deep sea fishing trip. This company was awesome to accommodate us and another couple that joined. It was a great experience. The Captain and crew were awesome!! We caught an 8 foot marlin about 170 lbs. The trip ended with a sea lion hitching a ride for the left over bait, it was amazing!!”


“Blue Sky Charter

This was my dream come true. Captain Gilbert and Crew put us on fish and I caught a Blue Marlin that was the catch of my life! Everyone on board the Blue Sea vessel treated all of us with first class service and they were so considerate! They made us all feel like we were one big family. In addition to our fishing trip, we went on a float trip and we all had an absolute ball. Our vacation was made complete with the positive experience that we had with Blue Sky Charter!”


“Blue Sky Cabo

What an experience!!!! We had a two-part visit with the 60-foot Blue Sea. We went deep-sea fishing and we did the float party. Both were first class experiences. My dad caught a blue marlin on the fishing adventure and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since. My girlfriend absolutely loved the float party. This was a win win for me. An experience for all ages of life. Definitely added so much to our Cabo experience. Crew was amazing as well. Thank you Blue Sky. Will be back soon.”


“Private Charter on Blue Sky

Excellent day of fishing with an outstanding crew. The day started with a welcome from the staff and crew. We were happy to accept their offer of coffee and Irish cream as we got underway.

Aydee spent at least 45 minutes cooking breakfast burritos, quesadillas and making fresh guacamole. The guacamole was legitimately some of the best I’ve ever had.

We caught our first fish as the sun came up and that got us excited for the rest of the day. The fish weren’t biting at first, so the ever-helpful crew kept moving spots to give us a better chance at catching lunch.

We ended up in some pretty rough seas, but it was worth it as we caught 8 fish in about 5 minutes. Three of us ended up hooking two fish on single lines over the course of a few minutes.

The crew started to pack up, but we kept trolling and ended up with a couple last minute additions.

Overall, an excellent, attentive, hard working and friendly crew. I would absolutely rent from Blue Sky again.”


Lots of great fishing going on down in Cabo San Lucas!  With all the beautiful weather in Cabo, get out of the storms, floods, and head south!!!  It’s always a beautiful day in Cabo San Lucas!! Ole’

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